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Burlesque artist, vocalist, comedienne, mentor, instructor, public speaker, bombshell

Elizabeth Priestley is the founder of Sassy Ray Burlesque and has been bringing the Burlesque Revival to the masses since 2006. Known as “The Voice That Makes Ya Moist”, her brand of music, comedy and tease quickly became a crowd favorite at home and abroad. 


With a lifelong passion for theatrical performance and strong 25+ year dance background under her belt, Sassy focuses her creative energies on teaching and performing Classic Revival Burlesque; honoring and authentically recreating the lost Art of Tease so popular in the 1930s-through the end of the 1960s. Class in an hour glass!

Sassy Ray in posed in a beautiful pink satin robe

Interested in hosting a full

show? Sassy Ray's productions

have been enjoyed and lauded

across Ontario and can be built 

to suit your function or venue.


Looking for a unique and memorable addition to your corporate gathering or event?  Let Sassy Ray curate a show to leave your audience dazzled!


Choose from Sassy's vast repertoire of vocal and dance performances to compliment your production or showcase.



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Group classes are fun, inclusive and require no prior dance experience

  Perform in a real burlesque show!


Book a private studio or have Sassy come to your location - burlesque themed bachelorette parties make for a night to never forget!  Fully customizable and can include all of the props, costumes, and ideas you and your girls can come up with!


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